lala-trooper Terms & Conditions

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Terms and Conditions for lala-agents


These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) govern the relationship between food-lala, managed by Hashbox Dynamix LLP, a registered company in Malaysia (“food-lala”), and the appointed agents, hereafter referred to as “lala-agents”.


1. Appointment and Responsibilities:

    • lala-agents are appointed by food-lala to perform various tasks including registering food vendors and generating sales through the food-lala platform.
    • Responsibilities include facilitating Advance Food Booking, Smart Meal Planning, Nationwide Food Delivery, and Event Catering Services through registered vendors on the food-lala platform.
    • lala-agents may be required to assist in joint sales promotions or activities as deemed necessary by food-lala.


2. Registration Fee, Training Session and Accessories:

    • Upon registration, a RM30 Training Fee will be imposed on lala-agents. New lala-agents are required to undergo a training session which will either be conducted online or in person.
    • lala-agents may opt to purchase lala agent T-shirts and other accessories based on published prices.
    • Additionally, lala-agents will be required to purchase food-lala business cards based on the current published price.


3. Earnings Structure:

    • lala-agents are entitled to a 3% commission on the monthly sales generated by vendors registered under them.
    • An additional 2% bonus on total eligible vendor sales is applicable if vendors achieve specific targets based on their location.
    • Management reserves the right to review commission rates when necessary.
    • Payments to lala-agents are made on a monthly basis within the first week of the following month.


4. Optional Role as lala-runner:

    • lala-agents may opt to register as lala-runners to deliver food to customers and earn delivery fees.
    • By opting to become lala-runners, they agree to abide by the lala-runner’s terms and conditions.


5. Vendor Registration Limit:

    • Each lala-agent may register up to 50 vendors at a given time.
    • Once a vendor is registered under a lala-agent, other lala-agents are prohibited from registering them.


6. Access and Tasks:

    • lala-agents will have access to view vendors’ performance metrics such as sales and orders through the vendor dashboard.
    • Additional tasks include advising vendors on sales strategies, assisting vendors to drive sales, and reviewing customer comments.


7. Performance Evaluation:

    • A yearly performance review will be conducted on lala-agents, evaluated by the vendors registered under them and food-lala’s performance management committee.
    • Vendors reserve the right to drop lala-agents if they are dissatisfied with their performance.
    • food-lala retains the right to drop lala-agents based on their performances as well as other offenses as determined by a Disciplinary Committee.


8. Vendor Changes and Program Continuation:

    • In the event of vendors closing their business, lala-agents may seek replacements.
    • If a lala-agent is deceased, their status as an agent will be automatically terminated.
    • This program will continue indefinitely but is subject to food-lala management’s discretion to amend any part of it.


By accepting these Terms, lala-agents acknowledge and agree to abide by the responsibilities, earning structures, and guidelines outlined herein.


Date of Last Revision: [24.02.24]


Please review and acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of these Terms before proceeding as a lala-agent.